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Bikini/Figure Competition Packing List

For the stage: · Bikini · Back Up Bikini · Heels (Clear heels, 4-5 inch heel); and back up shoes if the budget allows · Jewelry: Sparkly earrings, bracelets, and a ring or two. No necklaces! · Tanner (I recommend a spray tan if it’s your first show—less stress for you) · Bikini Bite or other suit glue · Safety pins and/or a thread and needle just in case · Stage makeup if you are doing your own—make sure you have a foundation that will match your tan! · Curling Iron or Straightener, anything you need to style your hair · Bobby Pins · Hair Spray · Sheen Oil (ONLY USE A TINY BIT FOR BIKINI!!! You don’t want to look shiny or oily for this class) Backstage: · A disposable cup to pee in with a hole in the bottom (I know this sounds weird, but you don’t want to mess up your tan with splash marks, and you definitely can’t sit on the toilet seat!) · Flip Flops or other comfy shoes that won’t mess up your tan. · A dark colored robe or loose fitting sweats · Food and water! You will want carbs and a little bit of protein and sodium. This will make your muscles look fuller on stage and you will get a better pump before you get on stage. · Toothbrush and toothpaste · Extra hair and makeup supplies in case you need to touch up or add more before the evening show · A full length mirror—you may not have any mirror space at all, and if you do, all the girls will be trying to crowd around it. Bring your own! · A resistance band or light weights for pumping up · Coach’s pass for someone to help you backstage, usually $10-20 · Something to entertain yourself with during downtime: magazine, ipod, etc. For Traveling: · Dark colored sheets for the hotel beds and dark towels for the shower: you will get charged if you mess up theirs, which are usually white. · Your usual toiletries, plus some dry shampoo since you won’t be able to shower the day of the contest. · Any food you will need for the days that you will be there, already weighed out and cooked. You will most likely only have access to a microwave. Paperwork · Copies of the schedule, your membership card, your competitor bio, and any other paperwork, just in case.

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