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Find Your Strength

Find Your Strength is a brand new evidence-based community training program with limited enrollment. This program launches November 27th, and was born out of a need for an affordable, high-quality program of it's kind on the market. 

Find Your Strength is more than just a training program, it's a community of like minded lifters and qualified coaches to support and help you on your strength journey. 

Team LHP brings you a fun & effective periodized "powerbuilding" style training program with a streamlined app delivery system. FYS includes freebies and add-on options to customize your training experience.


This is a powerbuilding style training program. It focuses on both strength and aesthetics. This fun & effective program will help you be as strong as you look! 


Find Your Strength implements progresive overload & evidence based concepts in a periodized training program designed to get you  maximum results. 


More than just a training program, Find Your Strength is a community of like-minded lifters & qualified coaches ready to support you on your journey!

what's included?
  • premier powerbuilding style community training program with streamlined app delivery via the Aplyft training platform

  • program incorporates progressive overload, evidence-based training practices, periodization, and anecdotal training concepts to provide a fun, effective program focused on both strength & aesthetics

  • 4 weekly training days with optional 5th day and the flexibility to fit your schedule

  • new training every 4 weeks

  • private community of other lifters on the program & three qualified coaches ready to answer your training questions and help you succeed

  • choose from novice or intermediate training options

  • substitutions available for equipment limitations

  • basics: barbell, plates, rack, bench

  • basic cable set up or bands to make substitutions

  • dumbells and/or kettlebells

  • some basic machine access is helpful, but substitutions will be available

what do i need?
monthly pricing:
  • $20/month for 1st round of beta testers enrolling in November 2020 (25 available spots-requires users to give feedback to improve the process)

  • $35/month regular price beginning with January 1st enrollment

freebies included:

  • home training guide in case of temporary COVID shut downs, travel, or needing to train at home temporarily

  • macro calculator

  • nutrition & nutrient timing guide

add-on options:
  • nutrition consult ($25)

  • video reviews ($35/5 videos reviewed by a coach)

  • video call consultation ($25/30 min call with coach)

*add on pricing reflects a 1 time fee & does not affect monthly subscription payments​

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