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Gymnastics Strength & Conditioning Research

a resource for coaches

Foundations Series #1

Foundations of strength & power development

Push Ups

Upper Body Strength

Developing Lower Body Strength


Core Power

Developing Core Power for gymnastics

Woman Jogging

Foundations Series #2

Foundations of energy systems development

Women Training Outdoors

Core Strength

Developing core strength

Fit Woman

Lower Body Power

Developing Lower body power for gymnastics

Woman Weightlifting

Lower Body Strength

Developing lower body strength

CrossFit Jumps


Plyometrics for gymnastics

Heavy Weights

Upper Body Power

Developing Upper Body Power for gymnastics

About this website...

This website was created to serve as a resource for gymnastics coaches who are responsible for the strength and conditioning of their gymnasts, and for strength and conditioning professionals working with gymnasts who may not have extensive knowledge of the sport. This site is dedicated to providing these coaches with evidence-based guidelines for the physical preparation of gymnastics athletes. 




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