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By choosing to add nutrition services to your training, you will not only see results more quickly, but you will ensure that you are fueling your body for the training sessions that you are putting it through, and you will have more energy throughout your day. This will also be your most effective form of weight and body composition management.

Each client receives a tracking log. This spreadsheet allows the athlete and coach to monitor macronutrient and total caloric intake, water intake, weight, mood, menstrual cycles, and energy levels, as well as any cardio that is recommended. Keep in mind that cardio (for weight management purposes) is kept at a minimum, and added only when absolutely necessary to manage weight and body fat levels.

You will not find yourself doing hours of endless cardio! After an initial consultation, intake will be set and then adjusted on a weekly basis as needed to maintain progress. Our ultimate goal is to build your metabolism so that you can enjoy seeing progress without drastically cutting calories.

With a new year upon us, Ive been asked

So what exactly is flexible dieting?

So what exactly is flexible nutrition, or flexible dieting? First let's talk about macro and micronutrients. A macronutrient, or "macro", is one of three key dietary nutrients--Protein, Fat, and Carbohydrates. Each of these macronutrients contains calories, or energy, and are essential for proper bodily functions. None should be excluded from a diet! A micronutrient refers to the vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, etc, that naturally occur in foods and allow our bodies to process macronutrients and otherwise function properly. A proper diet will include all of these things.


Flexible dieting allows an athlete or client to reach her weight class and/or body composition goals in a sustainable, enjoyable manner. No foods are banned or restricted, and treats are allowed. I take an individual approach to each client's nutrition and work with the athlete to find smart solutions that fit their needs and lifestyle. 


Fitness should be an enjoyable lifestyle choice, not a quick fix. Consistency is key, and following this dietary approach allows the client to reach goals while still enjoying their favorite foods (in moderation, of course). Dietary variety is essential to staying motivated, and meeting daily micro and macronutrient goals shouldn't be boring or rigid. Creativity is healthy and encouraged!

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Flexible Nutrition

Fuel your body with foods you love.

"Diets" are a trending topic in fitness these days. Eat this, don't eat that...

Learn how to reach your goals with a nutrition plan that allows you to eat food you enjoy while fueling your body to move. No foods are off limits in this balanced approach to nutrition.

For more nutrition information and recipes, visit the blog!

Is it really that easy?

The answer is yes! If you can follow simple directions given by your coach and commit to being consistent, you CAN do this! Yes, there will be some easy to follow requirements. For example, a portion of your protein and carbs should be reserved for your pre and post-workout meals to ensure optimal workout fuel and muscle recovery. Whole foods should be prioritized to ensure adequate micronutrient (vitamins and minerals) intake. These are all things that your coach will discuss with you in detail before you begin your program.

The bottom line is this: You can and you will actually enjoy this diet.

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