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Now Offering Team Coaching! 

In addition to student discounts, I am now offering a team coaching option that is perfect for university club powerlifting teams and other sports teams! 


Designed for college budgets, the team training option is an affordable way to work with an experienced coach without the big price tag. Coaching starts at $25/person.  

Team Building

Sports teams train together! Even if your team can't train together daily, working through team training programs and coming together for seminars and info sessions will increase camaraderie and sportsmanship among members!

Program DESIGN

The team coaching program includes intelligent training program design for your team with the team competition schedule in mind. Check out the blog for more details on program design.


Add-on options  allow teams and individual lifters to get the most of their budget and coaching experience. Add-ons include:

In-person seminars & form consultations

Video form analysis

Nutrition coaching (individuals only)

Meet-day coaching

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