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Strength & Conditioning for Gymnasts

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about christina

Christina is a gymnastics coach and strength and conditioning coach with over 8 years of coaching experience, so you can be assured that she knows the sport! Christina serves as both a head coach & strength and conditioning coach for a gymnastics club in Birmingham, Alabama. She's a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, Performance Enhancement Specialist, and Speed and Explosion Specialist with a Bachelor's in Sports Medicine & Nutrition and a Master's in Strength & Conditioning. Christina understands the immense value of strength training for gymnasts to improve performance and reduce injury rates. Find out more about training packages below!   

The Importance of Strength & Conditioning for Gymnasts

While nothing can replace the role of technical training in the sport of gymnastics, this training alone will not lead to adequate strength and power for healthy high-level gymnastics, optimal health, wellbeing, and performance.  A periodized strength and conditioning program used to complement gymnastics training can have an incredible impact on improving performance and decreasing injury rates for gymnastics clubs. 


Strength Coaching for your club

Assessment & Screening, Regular Visits, Complete Training Program, and around the clock support for your club. 


Strength Coaching For Your Gymnast

Individualized periodized strength & conditioning coaching designed to fit your/your gymnast's exact needs and schedule. 

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