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4 years and so many leg gains

"Looking at this first picture, my body is showing my lifestyle. I can see the stress, the long days, working through lunch. The thought of wearing a bathing suit stressed me out so much, I avoided any events that would involve wearing one. I see a lot of not taking care of myself. As cliche as it sounds, I made a promise to myself for new years' that I was going to take care of me. It is absolutely ok to put yourself first, especially when it comes to your health and wellbeing! 3 months later, I did not imagine I would be where I am right now.

When I look at this most recent photo, I am so unbelievably proud of myself! I look better, I feel better, and the confidence I've gained from doing this has been more than worth it. I am stronger than I thought I was, and continue to improve every week. While it's been hard work, and I've definitely put in the time and effort, I am so thankful I contacted Christi to do this! The guidance she provides has been great, and she answers any questions or concerns quickly (no matter how silly it may seem!) I would recommend her as a personal trainer to anyone willing to make this change in their health and fitness lifestyle! Oh, and now I actually look forward to wearing a bikini! :)

I look forward to continuing to work with Christi to meet my goals. If your serious about making a change, and are willing to do the work, give her a call or drop her an email. You will not regret it!"

Camden S.

"I began personal training & weight lifting with Christi at 48 years old. I was stressed out, struggling with weight, had no energy, and was on multiple medications. A year and a half later, I’m considerably stronger, leaner, and take no medications. I sleep better and find myself able to handle stress much better. My energy levels have increased.

The principal benefit of having a personal trainer/coach for me has been the accountability factor. Having an appointment on my schedule keeps me focused and committed.

Christi keeps me zeroed in on the task at hand, and all I have to do is follow her instruction; there’s no figuring out what workout to do when, or worrying about sets, reps, and weights. She is flexible with scheduling, and with modifying my workouts if they are too easy or too difficult to keep me in the zone where I’m getting benefits without pushing myself so hard that I am too sore to exercise.

I also do extra workouts and cardio at home under her guidance.

My new goals as I approach my 50th birthday are to be stronger, leaner and healthier than I have ever been."

Melanie celebrated her 50th birthday by performing not just one, but 3 unassisted pull-ups!

Melanie N.

"Christi is a fantastic trainer! She is absolutely fantastic at finding and filling my needs as a client, and she's helped me make the gym something I look forward to instead of dread. She's super supportive and fun to work with. I used to be terrified to go into the gym--I lived on the treadmill because weights freaked me out. Now, I absolutely love how easy it is to walk into the gym and know what I'm doing and how to use all the machines! Christi does her job and does it well: beyond being my trainer, she's educated me and helped me build my confidence. I love working with her! My biggest concerns were my butt and my tummy, and both have improved. My butt is definitely perkier, and I don't have as much fat on my tummy. I still have quite a way to go, but I'm happy with the results I'm seeing!"--Amberlyn R.

Amberlyn R.

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