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Fuel your body, Find your strength

Are you ready to see the difference? An intelligent training program and nutrition plan can both speed up your progress and set you up for greater results in the long term. Health and fitness is as much about what your body can DO as what it looks like. In-person and online options available.

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What to expect

You can expect to receive high-quality programming that is founded in research. In the paragraphs below, the principles that we use to build our programs are briefly explained and referenced. You can expect to receive four to six week blocks of programming, complete with individualized and appropriate exercise selection, with volume and tonnage designed to meet your specific goals. I DO NOT provide cookie-cutter programs. Each block will promote strength, enhance your physique, target fat loss, and will include specialized work to target your specific weaknesses. You can expect to increase strength, build muscle mass and increase your metabolic rate, thus improving body composition to create a lean, strong physique.  Work smarter, not harder.

Programming Backed By Science

The safest, most efficient way for you to reach your physique or strength goals is through periodized, scientifically supported training programs. This program should be integrated to include separate training phases for each of the small goals that will get you to your larger goal. Think of each training block as a stepping stone to your ultimate goal!

What is periodization, anyway?

Periodization is the division of a training program into smaller, progressive stages. Training is categorized into distinct blocks within a larger training plan. This means that each 4 week block of your training program is all part of a bigger picture designed to help you reach your goals.

Each block, known as a mesocycle, builds on the previous block to accumulate towards the final goal. The larger training plan, or macrocycle, is designed according to the athlete's place in the competition cycle, countdown to a wedding, beach trip, whatever the case may be! An intelligent, unique program is key to efficient and injury free progress. A periodized program outperforms non-periodized programming; focusing on developing specific adaptations is superior to striving for many at once. You will find a training focal point listed on each program block you receive.

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My mission is to create a personalized fitness program for you that delivers the results you’ve always dreamed of. Contact me and let me enhance your strength, energy, and overall lifestyle.


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