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Find Your Strength

Lift Heavy, Princess.

As a fully qualified strength & conditioning coach, personal trainer, and powerlifting coach, I specialize in helping individuals find their strength and build their best self. Whatever shape you're in, we could all use a bit of professional guidance and encouragement from time to time. Lift heavy, Princess is founded on integrity, evidence-based principles, and safe, effective training practices.


No B.S., no cookie-cutter programs, no quick fixes or fads, no scams. No gimmicks--just real strength training. You deserve MORE from your coaching experience.


If you are an athlete or athletically minded, dedicated, and you care about the "why" behind what you're doing, you're in the right place! Are you ready to find out just how strong YOU can be?

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Education & efficacy

I am passionate about helping women (and men) reach their strength potential. I aspire to prove that strong IS beautiful and comes in all shapes and sizes through my social media presence and lifestyle, and by instilling a positive, balanced, and healthy mindset in my clients. As a fitness model, nationally ranked powerlifter, and professional figure competitor, I know that it is possible to build a body that is as strong as it looks. No matter your personal athletic or fitness goals, I will design a training program that fits your needs, abilities, and life. I'll guide you through every exercise, every workout. I will empower you through education on training & nutrition. My balanced approach to strength training and flexible nutrition will have you feeling your strongest and performing at the top of your game in no time. 

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1:1 Online Training & Nutrition

Training + Nutrition Coaching Package

Are you ready to follow an intelligent training plan? Do you like to learn as you train? Do your body a favor with this best value, combination approach to training and nutrition. Training and nutrition should be as much about what your body can DO as what it looks like. Guaranteed to build a stronger, happier you.

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My mission is to create a personalized fitness program for you that delivers the results you’ve always dreamed of. Contact me and let me enhance your strength, energy, and overall lifestyle.

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