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Diary of a Dual Athlete: Countdown To The Stage

I am currently 2 weeks out from my first show this season. I'll include my most recent progress picture below! I will be competing at the NANBF Capital Classic on May 30th, 2015. This will be my first of 3 shows this year. A week ago, I competed in a powerlifting meet and placed first in my weight class (57kg/125lbs). I finished this meet with a 672.6lb total: 248lb squat, 137.8lb bench, and 286.6lb deadlift. I was absolutely thrilled with these numbers, as every single lift was a PR AND a state record! I was also happy to still be feeling very strong 3 weeks out from the stage. Definitely proves that proper nutrition and good programming can make competition prep that much less daunting. On another note, here's what I'm doing to get ready for the show 2 weeks out!

  • Tanning: I will be trying out Jan Tana for this first show to hopefully save money on spray tans in the long run. Competing can get expensive, so I try to save money where I can! I am also tanning 3 times a week to build up a good base tan for the self tanner. I'll give an update once I try it out in two weeks!

  • Posing: I am currently doing posing practice 2-3 times a week with my posing coach, and at least 1x per week on my own. I personally feel like posing is one of my weak points on stage, so I am really focusing on improving.

  • Nutrition, Cardio, Training: This past week and upcoming week will be the lowest my calories have gotten, and also have been the weeks I will do the most cardio. Macros and cardio differ person to person and I typically don't share mine, but if you have questions, feel free to ask! I still train with very heavy loads in varying rep ranges, and my workouts are built around the main lifts (squats, bench press, deadlifts, leg press, etc) with accessory work and isolations included.

  • Suit: My bikini is from Pink Label Bikinis. I highly recommend this company! Linda, the owner, is amazing! She will make sure that your suit is PERFECT, and she does absolutely amazing work! I am waiting on my stage suit to get back from alterations and being blinged out. It should be here any day now! In the meantime, I am taking progress pictures and practicing posing in my back up suit (shown below).

  • Hair and makeup: I choose to do my own hair and makeup for the stage, BUT I highly recommend a makeup artist if you are not familiar with stage makeup! It is very different from everyday makeup, and I would make any appointments for hair, makeup, and spray tanning 4 weeks out, and confirm two weeks out.

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