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Diary of a Dual Athlete: Countdown to the Stage

As of today, I am 10 days out from my first bikini competition this season. The show is on May 30th in Montgomery, AL. After a few days of crazy weight fluctuations, it looks like weight is slowly starting to drop again. Currently hitting cardio pretty hard--my calorie target is 2000/wk. Up until my 3 weeks out mark, I was doing between 800-1200kcal/week. I kept cardio to a minimum and macros at a maximum up until the powerlifting meet I competed in on May 9th to ensure that I was fueled up for the meet! I will be taking and posting my next set of progress pictures on Friday morning, which will be exactly 8 days out from the show. I'll make a pic collage of all of the pictures from the beginning of prep until the final product sometime in the next few weeks to show you my transformation! I will be including a checklist for each day from here on out until the show!


Schedule Polygraph (or drug test, depending on your show)Make packing list, and start packing things I won't use before I leave town (i.e. stage makeup, false lashes, clothes for backstage, etc.)Confirm all appointments and make sure you know what you need to bring to each. Practice posing! At this point in prep, I am practicing posing daily when possible, even if it's just for a few minutes! Every mirror can be a posing practice. Learn which angles work for your body, not just what you will do on your T walk. Start planning peak week and show day meals! Know what you will need to purchase and prep for your time out of town!

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