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Diary of a Dual Athlete: 4 Days Out

I got my suit back from Linda at Pink Label Bikinis today, and it is beautiful! I had stones added and a few minor alterations to sizing.

I am currently posing for 30 minutes each day, and have been completing circuit training and cardio each day, as well as slowly adding carbs back into my meals. Today I picked up some essentials for backstage:

  • Food: Mini Bagels, Caramel Rice Cakes, Smuckers Goober PB &J, and Tyson Ready Grilled Chicken strips. This way I have simple carbs and an easy protein source with a decent amount of sodium. Bikini competitors want just enough of a carb and sodium load before the stage to promote a pump, but nothing too crazy.

  • Xpel - just to have on hand. This is a mild natural diuretic that I will only use if needed to drop a little extra water. So far it doesn't look like I'll need it!

  • Hair and makeup necessities : I was almost out of hairspray, so I picked up a flexible hold humidity blocking spray. I also got false lashes and mattifying powder--such a huge help, as well as a few other makeup tools (see picture!).

I will be adding a packing list soon for everything you will need in the hotel and backstage!

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