• Alexander Cortes

A Lion in Iron: Women--Be More, Not Less

THIS IS A QUOTED POST. It was so good, I felt compelled to share. Please visit the original post here.

Oh, I love having a big ass, and I want it to stay big. Just a little harder than it is now. Women are supposed to have curves, you know?”


My newest client said the above during her initial consultation. I was absolutely floored to hear this, as the majority of women with which I have consulted and trained usually have a laundry list of what they don’t like about themselves...along with about a decade worth of diets, fads, and frustrations they can list on command.

This particular client was different, though. She had absolutely no issue at all with strength training, and she wanted to be challenged by the weights. It was an incredibly refreshing experience, and I know that with her eagerness to learn, she’ll succeed with her particular goals.

I wish this happened more often. My male clients always feel empowered when they learn to use the barbell and when they learn how they can be strong. With female clients, however, it’s a battle—everything is a battle. I don’t often train females for this very reason. Historically, there were very few resources for coaches and trainers to draw upon in regards to the female client/athlete. Certainly there was a dearth of anything regarding the psychological component of training, but it’s only been in the last few years that great female coaches have begun to have a voice (the women of team elitefts™ being excellent examples).

Yet, this particular client didn’t have the usual list of hates and frustrations that most women seem to have. She had been an athlete her whole life; she had been strong her whole life.

“Promise me I’m not going to lose my curves?”

“I promise. You’re not going to lose anything. Just add until you are more than what you are now.”

More than what you are now…I wish I could say that more often to women. To be more than what you are, not less. I had a sort of realization after talking with