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Fall Favorites

I wanted to start sharing more of the things that I love to use, eat, read, and subscribe to, so I'm beginning a seasonal favorites post series! These are not sponsored posts, so these are just items I've found on my own that I have enjoyed using. Click on the title of the product to get your own!


As I pursued a clearer mental space on competition day, I came across this book in my local bookstore, and have really enjoyed the simplified concepts and instructions. Learning more about sports psychology has benefited me personally and professionally as I learn how to better help my clients and athletes.

This goes along with #1 a bit. I found this app to be very user friendly, and the short sessions under "Basics" helped me focus and find clarity throughout my regular week days. I also really found the "Competition" and "Training" series especially helpful leading up to Raw Nationals.

I use these on stage for figure competitions and any time I'm trying to save money on manicures. They're also great for when my nails need a break from gel polish. They come in lots of different styles, are super easy to put on (even for the beauty challenged like me!), are super inexpensive (~$6), and I ALWAYS get complemented on them! Noone ever believes they are just press on nails. I usually buy mine at Target.

If you know me, you know I'm not a fan of using a lot of supplements. So if I am ever praising a product, you know it's gotta be good! Materia was developed by Derek Charlebois, owner of PR Breaker. He put tons of research, time, and care into this pre workout to make sure that it is not only properly dosed, but also safe for drug tested athletes. You get enough of each ingredient to ACTUALLY be beneficial, and you won't find any proprietary blends or extra ingredients that don't have research to prove their benefits and safety. It won't give leave you jittery or cause a crash later on. On top of that, it tastes AMAZING.

This monthly box is always full of awesome products! Each month includes at least one large item (some examples from past boxes: designer sports bras from the Chestee and Born Primitive, Fleo shorts, gym equipment, hoodies, tanks, tees, knee sleeves), along with several smaller items, like supplements, makeup, coffee and snacks. Some of my favorite gym clothes have come out of these boxes, and they are a great value for the price!

La Cle is a really amazing company with lots of great products, but my favorite are the Refocus Bands. These are cute elastic bracelets with a positive reminder on the inside. I own 6 (and want more!) of them, and you won't catch me without one or two of them on these days! I choose my quote based on what I've got going on that day, and anytime I need a positive affirmation throughout the day, I can just flip my band over and read my reminder. There are over 36 to choose from, so you are sure to find a band that speaks to you.

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